Get to Know us!


NNB is a company mainly engaged in researching, producing and selling NEW BREAKTHROUGH nutritional ingredients.  In the past 7 years, we have provided numerous solutions to our customers. Technologies like fermentation, synthesis, microencapsulating, etc. are used to produce new ingredients or improve qualities of those ingredients.


Some of our products include:

AGMANAT® Natural Agmatine Sulfate, The Better Agmatine.

PUMTEIN® Pumpkin Seed Protein, The World’s Next Hot Protein (Vegan Friendly).

KetoAdvantage® Beta-Hydroxybutyrate Salts, “Super Fuel” of your Body.

CaloriBurn GP® Grain of Paradise Extract, The Next Generation Metabolic Boosting Calorie Burner.

InstantGMS® The Improved Glycerol that goes in to Solution Instantly.


What Can We Do?

One of the key values of NNB is our outstanding research, development and manufacturing abilities on new and unique ingredients. Our customers continue to trust us because we make novel ingredients commercially available, while maintaining critical privacy while moving towards commercializing ingredients. See our technologies below:

Fermentation  Our fermentation technology is achieved using different biological enzymes, by working with the most basic raw materials (for example Non-GMO vegetarian starch), to create natural and pure ingredients like our AGMANAT®, agmatine.

Synthesis – Chemical synthesis is precisely operated by our professional scientist team. Our ingredients have the highest purity and economic efficiency.

Coating – A variety of special coating technologies can effectively improve  solubility, cover challenging sensory issues (masking), and increase bioavailability or time release the ingredient in human body.


What Drives NNB’s Success?

At NNB we make unique and effective ingredients with scientific research and validated testing methodologies behind them. We deeply appreciate our customers without whom nothing is possible and we will continue to work tirelessly for you. We stake our reputation behind our claims and fully guarantee our products. We produce best in class nutraceuticals and our quality is beyond compare.