AGMANAT The Better Agmatine


Agmatine is a Nitric Oxide (NO) supplements and continues to grow in  popularity in sports nutrition. Agmatine has demonstrated in research to increase or improve the following:

  • Nitric oxide (NO) response and bloodflow
  • Exercise performance and muscle growth (hypertrophy)
  • Post-workout recovery and injury recovery
  • Feelings of well-being and positive mood
  • Serves an antioxidant role, protecting against oxidative damage
  • Cognitive function and neuroprotective activity



Agmatine is found in wine, beer, and fish etc. Thus, natural sources of Agmatine are absolutely safe. However, there are some potential issues:

1.     The level of Agmatine obtained from food is too low to have a performance enhancing effect.

2.     Most of the Agmatine sold on the market is fully synthetic or enzyme transferred (half synthetic). This could potentially be harmful to your body.


NNB’s Solution

NNB’s AGMANAT is a Naturally Safe Solution to this increasingly popular sports nutrition ingredient:

1) 100% Natural. Fermented From Glucose (Simple and Safe).

2) Vegan/Vegetarian Friendly.

3) Purest Form of Agmatine on the Market (Common Assay Higher than 99.5%).

4) NO Solvent Residues, No Toxic Concerns (Only Water Used).

5) NO Residual Toxic DAB.

6) NO Byproduct of Arcaine Sulfate which is harmful to nervous system.

7) Quality Assurance For Customers:  Better, Safer, Natural Agmatine.

8) You Need Less Overages for Your Product Meet Label Claims Readily.


Dosage and Applications

500mg~1000mg per Serving.

Powders and Capsules.

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