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What is New Biome®

Tri butyrin (Tb) is a structured triglyceride with 3 butyrate molecules esterified to glycerol. In short, Tb is a highly bioavailable source of butyrate, a well-known short-chain fatty acid (SFCA), which is often referred to as a “postbiotic”.

NNB uses special purification techniques to remove butyric acid, yielding a unique version of tributyrin (NewBiome®) that has no off-putting odor.

New Biome® - Ingredient Description

New Biome® Benefits

  • Gut Health and Microbial balance support

  • Immune System Health and Function Support

  • Satiety and appetite management

  • Sleep Support

  • Body Composition Support

New Biome® Benefits


Health & Wellness

Appetite Management

Health & Wellness

Gut Health

Health & Wellness

Sleep Management


Leviathan Nutrition, USA

“We received the product containing the Newbiome and seems to be working well so far, definitely am pleased with the lack of odor using this Ingredient!”

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