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What is RhodioPrime®6X

Rhodiola is an herb known as an adaptogen, meaning it helps the body adapt to stress, regulating various neurotransmitter, enzyme, and hormone levels. As an adaptogen, rhodiola helps the body resist biological stress. Since stress impacts everything, rhodiola can yield many benefits, such as enhanced mood, endurance, energy, and cognitive function.

NNB Nutrition’s RhodioPrime® 6X is the market’s only reliable brand of high salidroside rhodiola extract. RhodioPrime® 6X is a market-leading 6% salidroside extract, which is the most bioactive constituent.

RhodioPrime®6X - Ingredient Description

RhodioPrime®6X Benefits

  • Supports healthy stress levels

  • Enhances mood and mood-related symptoms

  • May improve exercise endurance and performance with longer times to exhaustion

  • Can reduce mental fatigue and perceived exertion in stressful situations

  • Promotes healthy serotonin levels

  • Assists appetite and craving management

  • May improve blood glucose regulation

RhodioPrime®6X Benefits


Sports Nutrition


Sports Nutrition


Sports Nutrition


Sports Nutrition


Sports Nutrition

Stress Release


Soul Performance Nutrition

I really enjoyed the sample of RhodioPrime and it’s effectiveness. It pairs well with caffeine and seems to smooth out the experience.

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