Dileucine Press Release

Dileucine Press Release


NNB Nutrition is now the sole distributor of RAMPS™ Dileucine peptide: A Ground breaking muscle protein synthesis enhancer

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As of (date) NNB Nutrition is thrilled to announce open distribution of Dileucine, a revolutionary, patent pending ingredient that has surpassed the gold standard of muscle protein synthesis (MPS) for the past 100 years, the amino acid leucine. Formerly exclusive to one brand, Dileucine will now be available for distribution to supplement brands and manufacturers worldwide, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of sports nutrition.

Peptides have emerged as a burgeoning trend in the nutritional landscape, and Dileucine brings NNB Nutrition to the forefront of this movement, offering unparalleled support for muscle loss. Dustin Elliott, Chief Brand Officer at NNB Nutrition comments: “At a time when true innovation for ingredients seems to be slowing, NNB Nutrition is only getting started as we have more projects on the way thanks to a team that is constantly innovating and improving ingredients. An innovation like this for protein synthesis presents an opportunity for more than just the bodybuilding audience. With greater awareness for muscle loss with age and the side effects of GLP-1 treatment, a peptide that supports protein synthesis in this way has greater implications for customers of all demographics. The weightlifter, the age defier and the weight loss seeker. As the demand for innovative solutions to support muscle health continues to rise, Dileucine emerges as a game-changing ingredient. The dileucine peptide uses special transporter in the gut for faster and more efficient absorption compared to individual amino acids. Ingestion of RAMPS™ does not only significantly increase free leucine plasma levels, it delivers intact dileucine as well.

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Dileucine, also known as L-Leucyl-L-Leucine Monohydrate is comprised of two L-leucine molecules enzymatically bonded together to harnesses the potent anabolic power of leucine, elevating MPS to unprecedented levels of efficacy and efficiency.

Leucine, a key regulator of MPS, activates the mTOR pathway, crucial for initiating protein translation and muscle growth. However, recent research suggests that leucine alone may not fully maximize MPS stimulation. DL185TM addresses this limitation, synergistically amplifying the anabolic effects of leucine, thereby unlocking meaningful performance benefits when combined with training.

While animal protein typically contains higher amounts of dileucine compared to plant protein, achieving clinically validated levels solely through diet proves impractical. Dileucine streamlines this process, offering optimal doses in a concentrated form. Summary of benefits:

· 60% greater activation of mean muscle protein synthesis compared to leucine.

· Significant increase in muscle protein synthesis without exercise.

· Fast and efficient absorption into the muscle: 90% more leucine just 30 minutes after consumption

· Intact dileucine peptide in plasma may augment the anabolic effects further


NNB Nutrition is committed to driving innovation and excellence in sports nutrition and RAMPS™ Dileucine promises to revolutionize the way athletes and fitness enthusiasts approach muscle protein synthesis supplementation, empowering individuals to unlock their full potential and achieve peak performance.

For more information about RAMPS™ please visit: ing2.com/ramps/ or contact NNB Nutrition: https://www.nnbnutrition.com/contact/ 

About NNB Nutrition: NNB Nutrition is a global nutraceutical ingredients company that offers the industry the unique value proposition of manufacturing and selling it’s own ingredients. What makes NNB truly exceptional is our world-class product development team, which collaborates with over 100 manufacturers and 500 brands. With the creation and optimization of over 100 raw materials under our belt, supported by a team of over 100 employees and 50 international scientists, we possess the expertise to tackle challenges that leave our competitors scratching their heads, especially those who merely distribute ingredients.  NNB has over 1,000,000 square feet of manufacturing space, a global team of over 100 scientists, and cutting-edge equipment made in Japan, Germany, and the US. This manufacturing space has been nicknamed ‘Ingredient City’ with a flexible setup, so reliance isn’t placed on any particular machine. This improves our ability to have consistent lead times and greater speed to market with ingredient updates. We find solutions for brands while competitors can only sell ingredients.


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