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What is DL185™

DL185™ is a revolutionary dipeptide that takes muscle protein synthesis to new heights. DL185™, or L-Leucyl-L-Leucine Monohydrate, consists of two L-leucine molecules that are enzymatically bonded together. Leucine is well-established as a key regulator of muscle protein synthesis (MPS). It activates the mTOR pathway, which is critical for initiating protein translation and muscle growth. However, research suggests that leucine alone may not be sufficient to maximally stimulate MPS. This is where DL185™ comes in, harnessing the highly established anabolic power of leucine, resulting in meaningful performance benefits when combined with training. Dileucine is a natural dietary component that can be found in all animal and plant protein sources. Animal protein contains higher amounts of dileucine compared to plant protein. However, protein alone cannot provide the clinically validated amounts of dileucine, as one would have to consume 159 grams of Whey Protein Concentrate or even 219 grams of pea protein to get the L-leucyl-L-leucine found inone 2g serving of DL185™.

DL185™ - Ingredient Description

DL185™ Benefits

  • Increases muscle protein synthesis (MPS) [Paulussen et al., 2021]

  • Dileucine stimulates greater muscle protein synthesis as compared to leucine [Paulussen et al.,2021]

  • Increases strength (leg press and bench press strength) compared to placebo [Hagele et al.2024]

  • Dileucine aids gains in upper and lower body strength [Hagele et al. 2024]

  • Dileucine stimulates improved strength in the upper and lower body [Hagele et al. 2024]

  • Support gains in strength [Hagele et al. 2024]

  • Increases muscular endurance compared to leucine [Hagele et al. 2024]

  • Absorbed faster than leucine [Heilier et al. 1972, Morifuji 2010]

  • Dileucine gets in the body faster than leucine [Heilier et al. 1972, Morifuji 2010]

DL185™ Benefits


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DL185™ is poised to revolutionize the sports and active nutrition industry. The launch of the first DL185™ product on the market sold out on its site in just 4 minutes - a testament to the overwhelming demand for this groundbreaking ingredient. Don't get left behind. Contact us today to secure your supply of DL185™ and take your sports and active nutrition formulas into a revolutionary new era of muscle health dipeptides.


European Amino Complex Company

One of the guys from the testing group has been using it and keeping record and he's saying that he has put on more weight and has more endurance. What strikes him a bit is that he doesn't have any sore muscles although he has been progressing by lifting more weights and pushing more...he's getting stronger day by day and normally what happens is he gets sore muscles one day or two days after he works out and this has not been the case since he's been using Diluecine. So I understand it makes you stronger and increases power but he's also not getting any cramps or pain during the recovery phase.

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