In a Landmark Ergothioneine Study, C. Elegans Showed Improvement in Lifespan and Healthspan

Results from an Unprecedented Pharma Model C. Elegans Study Show Increases in Lifespan, Healthspan, Activity Level, Vigor, and Higher Bouts of Extended Energy During the Day and Throughout Life

San Francisco, CA - NNB Nutrition (, a leading global ingredient-focused biotech company commissioned an independent study looking at Ergothioneine’s ability to improve healthy ageing and increase lifespan.

On November 18th, 2021, the results were made public and suggested Ergothioneine’s ability to transform aging metrics as people currently know them.

The principle investigator from the research group in England who conducted the study announced “Ergothioneine can slow degenerative decline in C. elegans without any negative effect on reproduction or development.”

Dr. Joseph Evans, former principle investigator for Novartis Pharmaceuticals explained the importance of the C. Elegans model. “We use the C. Elegans model because it can screen for thousands of potential nutritional ingredients for important disfunction. Many of the genes in the C. elegans genome have functional counterparts in humans which make it an extremely useful model for human health.”

Dr. Evans goes on to say “Studying cell death or ‘apoptosis’ in the C. elegans holds the key to counteracting the effects of ageing in humans.”

Kylin Liao, NNB’s founder said, “Although it came as an increased expense, we specifically chose the research group in England because they were known for their C. elegans work with neuro related issues.”

The results of the C. elegans study came on the heels of eight recently concluded clinical-ex-vivo trials with NNB ergothioneine. Part of those previous investigations was examining ergothioneine’s ability to affect cell membrane integrity, a primary driver in longevity. Partial results of that study are shown below:

  • Improvement in Cell Membrane Integrity
  • Increase in Mitochondrial Metabolic Activity
  • Increase in Total Cellular Energy Output
  • An Increase in Total Antioxidant Protection 10X over Polyphenols in Most Fruits and Vegetables

On March 21, 2021 the Penn State University Clinical Research Center issued a report saying “Consumption of ergothioneine reduces the risk of cancer 45%.”

In accord with renowned researcher Dr. Bruce Ames scientific opinion of Ergothioneine as “The Longevity Vitamin,” NNB recently filed a multi-action patent filing on MitoPrime and its anti- ageing effects. The first is entitled “Amelioration of Mammalian Ageing, Including Humans,” where the filing reads “restoring cellular states from those of old to those of young.” The second, “Upregulating DNA Repair Pathways,” is in direct support of the largest ageing study ever conducted that concluded: healthy, un-damaged DNA leads to genomic stability and is the #1 Predictor of longevity.

MitoPrime has been approved for use in beverages such as coffee, tea, juice, soda, and food. During a recent interview, Dr. Evans, quick to point out that over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day, said “MitoPrime provides a new and very practical approach to improving health, wellness, and the human condition worldwide by adding MitoPrime to your coffee or beverage everyday.”

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