Glucovantage – Dihydroberberine creates a new peak in bioavailability

In the pursuit of healthy life, NNB Nutrition has been committed to providing consumers with high-quality nutritional solutions. As its new star product, Glucovantage - Dihydroberberine is becoming the focus of attention with its extraordinary bioavailability and brand-new Berberine experience. Compared with traditional Berberine, Glucovantage brings consumers a more efficient health experience with more than 5 times the bioavailability.

Brand history:

NNB Nutrition has always been known for its dedication to quality and innovation. As a leader in the field of nutrition, the brand has always regarded "innovation, health and quality" as its mission. The launch of Glucovantage-Dihydroberberine is the brand's new innovative contribution to healthy life.

1. The innovation of Glucovantage:

1). Surpassing Berberine, more than 5 times the bioavailability


Traditional Berberine has certain limitations due to its relatively low bioavailability. Glucovantage-Dihydroberberine is processed through advanced technology to greatly improve the bioavailability of Berberine. Compared with Berberine, Glucovantage provides consumers with a more efficient nutrient absorption experience with more than 5 times the bioavailability.


2). A new definition of The Super Berberine


Glucovantage redefines the standard of Berberine, becoming The Super Berberine. Its excellent bioavailability means lower doses and more effective efficacy. This makes it easier and more convenient for consumers to incorporate Berberine into their daily diet while enjoying its comprehensive health benefits.

2. New trends in healthy living:

In modern society, more and more people are paying attention to healthy eating and health care methods. The Keto diet is a popular healthy lifestyle that emphasizes low carbs and healthy fats. For such health trends, the emergence of Glucovantage-Dihydroberberine provides Keto dieters with a new choice.

3. The ideal companion for Healthy Fats To Eat On Keto

The Keto diet focuses on healthy fat intake, and Glucovantage is an ideal companion. Its excellent bioavailability and new Berberine experience offer Keto eaters even more possibilities. While consuming healthy fats, through the supplement of Glucovantage, it is easier for the body to extract effective nutrients from food and achieve a better state of the body.

4. NNB Nutrition philosophy: “Beyond the ordinary and pursue excellence”

NNB Nutrition accurately conveys the core concept of Glucovantage through the concept of "beyond the ordinary and pursue excellence". The brand is not only satisfied with providing traditional Berberine experience, but also takes a transcendent attitude to bring consumers a new Berberine experience. This concept also represents NNB Nutrition’s unremitting pursuit of innovation and quality.

In short, as a leader in the field of medium-chain triglycerides, NNB Nutrition will continue to be committed to the research and innovation of medium-chain triglycerides after launching Glucovantage - Dihydroberberine. The brand plans to continuously launch more high-quality products to meet the needs of consumers for healthy living. NNB Nutrition will continue to lead the new trend of healthy living and provide better and more efficient nutritional solutions to consumers around the world. Glucovantage - Dihydroberberine, transcends the ordinary and helps health move towards excellence.

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