NNB MitoPrime™ Now at the Forefront of Research Into Ergothioneine’s Dermatological Benefits

NNB launches a full scale clinical investigation into the dermatological benefits of topical Ergothioneine with 5 clinical trials and human cell ex-vivo studies underway, preliminary results are already pointing to new and unexpected benefits with MitoPrime™ NNB's pure Ergothioneine.

November 17th, 2021 - San Francisco, California —— NNB is taking a directional lead, in part, based on a 2015 study entitled “Dermato-Protective Properties of Ergothioneine,” where researchers delineated molecular mechanisms involved in ergothioneine's protective and restorative effects on skin. Their in-vitro research showed that ergothioneine activated a protein (NrF2) that detected skin damage as it occurred, and directed a flood of antioxidants to the site.

Further, they reported that ergothioneine protected collagen from degradation, even when skin cells were under attack from harsh UV radiation. But as promising as the preliminary research suggests, it's often a gigantic leap from test tube to body.

Now, NNB is taking the research out of the Petrie Dish and into the lives of real people.

In April, 2020,NNB commissioned five new independent studies with their pure natural ergothioneine (MitoPrime™) looking to quantify, with precise scientific measurements, the real dermatological benefits of Ergothioneine. Dr. Joseph Evans, former principle investigator for Novartis Pharmaceuticals, is leading NNB’s “Skin Deep” project and says “Based on the preliminary results, we are expecting to see significant improvements in each of the major skin condition Indicators.”

Dr. Evans cites, as an example, the double blind, placebo controlled, fully randomized clinical trial involving women ages 35 to 75. “The dermatologist investigator is assessing efficacy parameters that include: fine lines, wrinkles, elasticity, texture, radiance, luminosity, smoothness, softness, skin tone evenness, firmness, pores, and hydration. We intend for this to be one of the most comprehensive studies ever conducted with a non-invasive skin care solution.”

NNB founder, Kylin Liao, says, “We are encouraged by the result so far, but we want to go further and discover Ergothioneine’s exact mechanisms of actions and determine what pathways and targets Ergothioneine affects. That way, we can add additional patents to our patent and filing portfolio that now includes ‘Amelioration of Mammalian Aging’ and ‘Upregulating DNA Repair Pathways’.”

One of those targets that NNB’s global scientific team put in the cross hairs is the mitochondrial DNA of skin cells. “We know that a deletion in the skin mtDNA is a major cause of skin wrinkling,” says Dr.Evans, “We also understand that, among other environmental stressors, the sun is directly responsible for this deletion. In order to have a better understanding, we finish a trial and the result is as below.”

MitoPrime Protects Against UVA-Induced Mitochongrial DNA Deletion | MitoPrime Protection Dose Dependent Trend

lf for no other reason, excitement for Ergothioneine continues to build over its proposed ability to reverse the effect of the deletion, medically known as the “4977-bp deletion” because 4,977 base pairs become deleted out of a total of 15,569. Although the mtDNA deletion is found so frequently that it is referred to as the “common deletion”, it also appears highly preventable with Ergothioneine.

The Inner Sun Block

Fueling the anticipation of the MitoPrime Clinical Trial results, is another particular in vitro examination of MitoPrime (shown below).

Results with In Vitro MitoPrime, Tests

  • Nanomolar concentrations of EGT demonstrated dermato-protective effects, protecting human skin from UVA induced adverse effects
  • UVA-induced DNA damage was prevented by EGT
  • Free radicals were scavenged
  • EGT increased total antioxidant capacity
  • EGT increased antioxidant gene activity
  • EGT protected skin cells against UVA damage.

Ergothioneine's Collagen Effects: Protection & Generation

Another molecular target of NNB's "Skin Deep" Research Program, is collagen. Specifically, the effect Ergothioneine has on protecting existing collagen and repairing damage to collagen caused by the sun and environmental stressors.

In vitro research had carried Ergothioneine to valuable starting point for the NNB research team. Two demonstrable effects with human cells, in a laboratory setting, had shown a potential solution to the main problems concerning collagen.

Inhibition of Matrix Metalloproteases, the “Collagen Eaters”

A bit hard to pronounce, matrix metalloproteases are fairly easy to understand. MMPs, for short, are natural endogenous collagen-destroying enzymes. They circulate throughout the body degrading collagen and other extracellular proteins such as keratin and elastin. Their activity increases with exposure sun and toxins, as well as with age.

Early stage, pre-clinical, in vitro research demonstrated that Ergothioneine suppresses MMP activity and preserves existing collagen in skin and throughout the body. NNB became interested in this aspect of Ergothioniene not only for its benefits on skin, but on joints as well. Part of the extracellular protein-based compounds that Ergothioneine protects are cartilage, tendons and ligaments.

Generation of New Collagen

The sun and toxins contribute not only to collagen degradation, but they can hinder the formation of new collagen as well. This is particularly troublesome for older individuals where new collagen production naturally slows. In fact, statistics show that starting at age 21, collagen production slows by 1.00%-1.50% every year.

The human cell experiments showed that Ergothioneine can increase new, healthy collagen formation, even in the presence of severe irradiation.

NNB considers Ergothioneine the ideal topical as it is a tiny molecule that easily and safely penetrates the skin. Dr. Joe Evans is quick to point out that unlike many antioxidants, Ergothioneine cannot be broken down by the body's natural endogenous forces.

But these are only two, of the many, molecular targets and pathways that the NNB trials are investigating for human use.

Jeff Kob, the CEO of NNB USA “Ergothioneine Project” recently posted this picture accompanied an intriguing quote: “Let MitoPrime Change the View of Your Future”.

Dermatological Trials of Ergothioneine Benefit Consumers Seeking Novel Skin Care Products

NNB continues to increase investment to dermatological trials of ergothioneine to benefit consumers seeking novel skin care products in the market. Stay tuned.

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