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Providing Solutions to Manufacturers
We understand that your journey towards becoming an industry-leading manufacturer is often hindered by the complexities of manufacturing. You are often faced with ingredient issues like particle size inconsistency, compromised quality, ingredients not matching their specs and delayed lead times, that result in manufacturing inefficiency. Ingredients that stain or are hygroscopic only add to the challenge.

Frustration mounts as you continually face raw material roadblocks, impeding progress towards success. We at NNB Nutrition understand your struggles, as manufacturers ourselves, we intimately know the issues you face. While others are content with simply selling ingredients, we’re dedicated to solving problems.

What makes NNB truly exceptional is our world-class product development team, which collaborates with over 100 manufacturers and 500 brands. With the creation and optimization of over 100 raw materials under our belt, supported by a team of over 100 employees and 50 international scientists, we possess the expertise to tackle challenges that leave our competitors scratching their heads, especially those who merely distribute ingredients.  NNB has over 590,000 square feet of manufacturing space, a global team of over 100 scientists, and cutting-edge equipment made in Japan, Germany, and the US. This manufacturing space has been nicknamed ‘Ingredient City’ with a flexible setup, so reliance isn’t placed on any particular machine. This improves our ability to have consistent lead times and greater speed to market with ingredient updates.
Providing Solutions to Manufacturers

When you partner with NNB Nutrition you’ll not only achieve increased profitability and customer satisfaction but also a significant reduction in project complexity. This means hitting your KPIs and annual numbers becomes a breeze for your stakeholders.

By partnering with us you avoid the pitfalls of profit loss, slow manufacturing processes, stained machines, clumped products, and lower-margin items. Say goodbye to frustration, being overwhelmed, and inefficiency. Instead, embrace your journey into being an industry leader and expert, poised for profitability and success. With NNB by your side, you’ll emerge as a shining beacon of excellence in manufacturing.

Providing Solutions to Manufacturers

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