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What is Puremidine™

Spermidine belongs to the family of polyamines, which are polycations that will readily interact with negatively charged molecules, including DNA, RNA and lipids.

Due to its potential health-protective and lifespan-extending / anti-aging effects, some researchers have classified spermidine as a “caloric restriction mimetic”  while others have referred to it as a “longevity elixir”, suggesting that spermidine deserves serious consideration as a dietary supplement for the promotion of optimal longevity and health-span.

Puremidine™ - Ingredient Description

Puremidine™ Benefits

  • Promoting cell autophagy

  • Helping regulate cell apoptosis

  • Helping regulate the inflammatory response

  • Providing antioxidative properties

  • Providing antioxidative properties

  • Promoting healthy gut microbiota function and gut barrier integrity

  • Promoting healthy gut microbiota function and gut barrier integrity

Puremidine™ Benefits


Sports Nutrition


Sports Nutrition

Gut Health

Sports Nutrition

Mitochondrial Health


Leviathan Nutrition, USA

“We received the product containing the Newbiome and seems to be working well so far, definitely am pleased with the lack of odor using this Ingredient!”

Dr. Olli

Hi there :)
I’d like to give amazing feedback on dihydroberberine. For what I have noticed from using it on a daily basis is that all the carbs I eat go into muscles (zero stored as fat). I simply notice it after feeding 100-200g of carbs I don’t get bloated or fluffy, rather more pumped and full. That is incredible! So this stuff is for real. I have also been in contact with Shawn and we will do some kind of project with him in the future.


Social Media

I just want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for showing me GlucoVantage. Since I started to take it 2x a day, I got leaner, stronger, bigger pumps in the gym, feel healthier abd so much more. And all of what wgile eating 3750 kcals a day. Thank you so much for spreading your knowledge. This is one of the rare supplements that finally WORKS!!! I’m so happy.

Delta Naturel

I personally tested the product and 200 mg is really working very well, yet 100 mg is also not bad. Only first day I had some little headache, but from the second day with using 200mg before meals I felt the energy in my brain and my blood glucose did not went up to much after the meals. At that levels product seems to work exactly same with 1000mg or 1500mg of normal berberine I am sure of it.


To be clear, your product doesn’t taste bad. My CEO tried it and he is very dramatic about flavors and he found it to be bland with very little aftertaste. I tried regular BB previously and I will NEVER try it again. Looking forward to trying a sample of our supplement with the dihydroberberine in it!!!

Mary Ellen

That’s great news about the DHB coming to Canada. I’ll look forward to that. I think I lost some Weight with the DHB which is why I want to continue.

Soul Performance Nutrition

I really enjoyed the sample of RhodioPrime and it’s effectiveness. It pairs well with caffeine and seems to smooth out the experience.


Still very excited about DHB. It really is the "Berberine 2.0". We're super excited for it. It seems to perform better than metformin and normal berberine in our experience


Hi I have published a Dihydroberberine article. I can give the article to you with backlinks to our website. We will also order some soon

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